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We will teach you some methods about how to identify counterfeit veterinary medicines

Although the laws and regulations concerning veterinary medicines enacted a number of years, but in some areas, the illegal activities of manufacturing and selling fake veterinary medicines are still very rampant, the fake veterinary  medicines despite repeated prohibition, this to livestock production caused great harm, it seriously affecting the aquaculture industry economic benefits. To avoid veterinary operators and majority of farms unnecessary losses for this, now, we will introduce a general recognition methods about counterfeit veterinary, for you reference.
1. View the whether metamorphism of veterinary medicines appearance. Any internal or external use moldy, discolored; injection water injection with crystallization, precipitation, or impurities are inferior, prohibited.
2. View the package if there is approval number. Veterinary medicines packaging must have the approval number from Ministry of Agriculture or the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and pastoral administration authorities, the import veterinary medicines must have the import permit that issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. Another must indicate on the label or trademarks, veterinary medicines name, size, business name and address, product batch number; indicate the main ingredients of veterinary medicines, the role, purpose, usage, dosage, duration and precautions.
3. View whether it is out of veterinary products. Some veterinary medicines, after long-term verification, the efficacy is not true that some toxic side effects, and the residues of some drugs can be directly harmful to human health, that in livestock and poultry products after the livestock use, so the country be declared to be eliminated. Countries have announced elimination of veterinary medicines, should prohibit the production, sale and use.
4. View the if there are a “veterinary” on the Veterinary medicines. Some drugs use for human, but they can not be shipped because of substandard quality. Such drugs generally can not meet veterinary standards, they can not be used as a veterinary medicines.


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