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The status of chicks openings veterinary medicines application

1.Chicks openings drug use has been quite extensive, the vast majority of farmers will use the opening drugs, and some even use two or more openings drugs.
2.Chicks opening drugs use is very irrgular, not science, in particular in:① Many farmers choose the type of drug unreasonable:so far, nutritional additives classes and antibiotics are used widely chicks Veterinary medicines. The former active ingredients without adverse effects on the chicks, it can be assured use; but the latter have certain varieties of durgs is not suitable for chicks applications, such as certain regions of gentamicin sulfate injection water, as chicks opening drugs, which has a strong renal toxicity for chicks, and will damage the intestinal villi organs. Various organs of chicks did not develop improved, and they with a smaller amount of water, the greater the number of its toxic side effects. ② Application of inadequate treatment: Nutritional additives selected category, probiotics class as opening drugs,long-term use for chicken is good, no need requires treatment. For antibiotics must require full course of treatment, usually in 3 to 5 days. ③ Blindly use some drugs: Some farmers on new drugs or new varieties have sided preferences, such as the use of florfenicol oral chicks opening drugs. In fact, the opening drugs to the chicks is aimed at alleviating stress, improve physical fitness chicks and reduce mortality. Although the use of high-sensitizing drugs florfenicol preventive effect is very good, but the cost will be higher; and chicks in the event of illness, the treatment will increase the difficulty. Because niormally the case, a drug used in the chick stage, then we must use the drug more sentitive than the drug in order to effectively treat the same disease.
3. Do not recognize the use effects of veterinary medicines: there are currently part of the farmers, especially the user of first-time use the opening drug, they maybe think that the use of drugs and do not use opening drugs has little impact on the chicks, which may have a relationship with the use of drugs or usually pay attention to the opening prophylaxis, its effect at that timemay not be able to see out, from the long-term development, preventive chicks, their physique and performance ratio is not much better medication chicks .

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