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Types of chicks opening drugs
1. Nutritional Additives:like thisanimal pharmacyare more common, we can supply multi-dimensional, amino acids and glucose, electrolytes, etc. Compound preparation. This products are mainly for the chicks to replenish their energy, amino acids, electrolytes, relieve the adverse effects because of the long-distance transport, heat stress and so on,to prevent dehydration chicks.
2. Microecological preparation class: This animal pharmacy is not a lot in the market, it is more upscale chicks opening drug, its advantages are high absorption rate, more suitable for the absorption characteristics of chicks, perfect for beneficial intestinal flora.
3. Antibiotics: Currently the purpose that we use antibiotics is to purify the chick intestinal E. coli and Salmonella pullorum and prevent Omphalitis occuring and improve survival.
4. Chinese medicine and its extract class:such as astragalus polysaccharides.
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