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We purchase veterinary medicine need to “three views”
1. We look at whether the enterprise standard and reputation is good, only production and testing equipment and method of theveterinary medicineproduction enterprise are relatively advanced, quality of veterinary medicine can produce more stable. Conversely, some manufacturers obsolete equipment, production technology simple, detection means is not perfect, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the veterinary medicine. Therefore, we can't buy drugs only cheap regardless of quality, we must to observe the drug packaging without the drug production approval number, manufacturer address, date of production, manufacturers use and validity period or shelf life etc.. If these are incomplete or not standardized, then the quality of veterinary medicine in doubt, it is best not to buy.
2. We need to understand the main effective components, drug effect and the matters needing attention through the instrution, the same type of veterinary drugs have several different names, to buy time to understand the product's main ingredient and content, to grasp its role in accordance with its instructions to buy used try to avoid excessive use of veterinary drugs cause waste or livestock poisoning, a small amount of reach therapeutic effects of the phenomenon. From the outside of the product itself, liquid, injections should be no impurities, no precipitation and crystallization, the solution is clear, good transparency.
3. We must from the outer packing to see, qualifiedveterinary medicineproduction plant for the production of veterinary medicine with "R" registered trademark, marked with the words “ veterinary ” and veterinary medicine GMP certificate, and production license number issued by the veterinary administration departments at or above the provincial level products, clearly marked, products main components of agricultural information, function and use, usage and dosage, production date and expiry date etc.. Tablets, powders should be uniform color, no variegation, no moisture absorption, mildew phenomenon. Those who fail, packaging rough, hand-touch tablet is not tight, there are powder-attached, no moisture light protection.
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