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Animal medication safety principles (Effective use of animal medicine)

1. In to the animal before treatment, we should fully consider the characteristics of the animal medicine. Animal medicine orally that can be absorbed by animals, they can be used for livestock systemic infection diseases; animal medicine orally can not be absorbed by animal, such as furazolidone, sulfaguanidine, colistin sulfate, they can only be used for livestock gastric intestinal infection.Antibacterial drugs rarely enter the cerebrospinal fluid, only sulfadiazine can enter. Therefore, the preferred sulfadiazine sodium treatment of brain infection.
2. Select the appropriate route of administration. Bitters like gentian tincture,nux vomica tincture, only through the oral route, can stimulate the taste buds, livestock reflex increase the excitability of the food to the central nervous system, enhance the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, play the effect of drugs. If the use of nasogastric tube administration, the drug does not directly through the mouth into the stomach, it will not be role.
3. Note that the effective concentration of the drug. Intramuscular injection of kanamycin, maintaining time of the effective concentration for 12 hours. Therefore, serials intramuscular injection of kanamycin, the interval should be within 10 hours.Penicillin powder for injection should be repeated drug use every 4 to hours, oil Puka penicillin can be used every 24 hours.
4. Try to use various performance or effects of drugs. Young livestock, dysentery,pujos blancos, the berberine should be selected as soon as possible; the toxoplasmosis and Eperythrozoon mixed infection, we should try to use the Triazoamidine;apramycin treatment of poultry E. coli, salmonella bacteria infection, efficacy is verysignificant.
5. Pay attention to the incompatibility between the animal medicine. Acidic drugs and alkaline drugs cannot mix, mix after will lower or lose the efficacy,no mix; antibiotics and adsorbent, should be banned when oral probiotics; they will produce precipition if the sulfa drugs in combination with vitamin C; sulfadiazine sodium injection with most antibiotics will produce turbidity, precipitation or discoloration phenomenon, it should not be mixed, to be used alone.
6. Pay attention to animal species difference. Swine and dogs are vomiting occurred, at the early stages of poisoning, we can give swine and dogs emetic. But the equine animal poisoning is not feeding emetic drugs.

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