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Animal medication safety principles (Safe medication)
Safe medication is one of animal medication safety principles. Now, we will tell you three key points about safe medication to make animal health.
1.Prevention of drug poisoning. Used in conjunction with streptomycin, gentamicin and kanamycin, the durg residues will increase harm consumers auditory nerve center. Because poultry is sensitive to trichlorfon, we should avoid using of this drug to poultry. The effect of the salinomycin anticoccidial is very good, but it is harmful to the equus, we can not use the salinomycin anticoccidial drugs for equine, it only be used for pigs, cattle, rabbits, poultry and otber animals.
2.Prevention of drug residues. Animal products made from the animal that used these drugs may cause harm to humans, because the metabolism of some drugs in vivo is slow.These drug have the withdrawal period, we must pay attention to the date of listing of the animals and their products, when we use drugs to animals, prevention of excessive drug residues pose a security risk to the health of consumers.
3.Do not use prohibited drugs. Because the prohibited drugs, expired drugs, deterioration drugs, fake and substandard drugs are not only valid on the prevention and treatment of animal diseases, but also the livestock will be the emergence of drug-resistant and drug residues, and endanger the health of consumers, we must prohibit using of these drugs to animals.
In order to obtain greater benefits, we must keep animal health.
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