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Enramycin Premix 8%
Enramycin Premix 8%
Enramycin Premix 8%
(Item No.: WSP011)

Contains per gram powder:
Enramycin.............................................. 80 mg.
Carrier ad................................................ 1 g.

Enramycin Premix are dust-color powder, smelly, and have good fluidity. Polypeptide antibiotic. Obtained by the incubation of Streptomyces fungicidicus. Restricted activity on gram positive bacteria (selective spectrum ) on Cl. perfringes (Necrotic entritis) . Approved to be used widely used at different kinds and ages of pigs and chickens.

Product Characteristics:
1. Enramycin has a strong antibacterial effect under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It is effective primarily against Gram- positive bacteria such as Ciostridium perfringens, which causes necrotic enteritis and growth depression in poultry.
2. Enramycin is an excellent growth-promoter and improves feed efficiency at very low inclusion levels in feed.
3. There is no cross-resistance between Enramycin and other available antibiotics or antibacterials.
4. Resistance to Enramycin develops very slowly. Enramycin- resistant Ciostridium pefringens has never been isolated.
5. Enramycin is not absorbed from the intestinal tract, which minimizes concern about residues in human food from treated animals.
6. Enramycin is stable in the pelleting process and in feeds.
7. Enramycin reduces wet dropping in poultry.
8. Enramycin depresses ammonia-producing organisms, thereby reducing ammonia levels in the intestinal contents and blood. 

Antibacterial mechanism:
It could inhibit the formation of the bacterial cell wall. First, prevent the synthesis of peptidoglycan, Damage the integrity of bacterial cell wall, and then the bacterial cells’ Osmotic pressure will be increased, a large number of extra cellular fluid into the bacterial body, make the bacterial body deformation and expansion, lead bacterial to death.
The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) to Gram-positive bacteria is 0.39-3.12g/ml.

Product Function
1. Adding enramycin into piglet’s feeds can effectively reduce its diarrhea, promote growth and reduce feed conversion rate; Adding into finishing pig’s feeds can effectively improve pigs feeds conversion efficiency and increase culture benefit; Continuously adding enramycin into lactating sows can increase its milk yield and weaning weight.
2. Adding into poultry feeds can significantly reduce enteritis and potbellied, increase the feeds digestibility, promote growth and decrease the feed-gain ratio; the use on layers can maintain its weight, the peak period can be well guaranteed and preventing the decrease of laying rate; besides this product can also activate the activeness of anticoccidial drug, increase the incidence rate of Anticoccidial and reduce the condensation of ammonia gas which can improve he environment in chicken house.

Dosage and Administration:
1. Add 8% Enramycin Premix to per ton feed.
2. Pig feed:
Under 4 months’ age: dosage is 1.25(100 thousand units)-10(800 thousand units) g/t,
Growing pig: 62.5 g/t,
Piglets: 125 g/t.
3.  Chicken feed:
Under 10 weeks’ age (chicks): dosage is 1-5g/t,
Broiler medium and large chicken: 62.5g/t,
Broiler chicken: 100g/t.
Laying chickens: 100g/t
4. Broiler duck: 25-40g/t.
5. Broiler goose: 25-50g/t.

Packing: 25kg/bag 10kg/bag 5kg/bag 1kg/bag

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.