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Benzalkonium Bromide Solution (10%)
Benzalkonium Bromide Solution (10%)
Benzalkonium Bromide Solution (10%)
(Item No.: D001)

Active ingredient: Benzalkonium Bromide ,
Indication: This product is widely used to kill bacteria, mold, fungi, algae, etc., particularly for salmonella, parasites, Eperythrozoon, streptococcus, E. coli disease.

Pharmacological action: This Product is a cationic surfactants and spectrum fungicide. It can kill the bacteria by changing cytolymph Permeability, making cell plasma material extravasated and obstructing their metabolic. especially for gram-positive bacterium. This product could rapidly combined with protein, The effect will be significantly reduced when it meet blood, cotton, cellulose and organic matter.
Usage and Dosage
Usage and Dosage Concentration Direction
Routine disinfection of animal houses,vehicle,circumstance 1:1000 Spurt out or infusion
Disinfection of animal houses,vehicle,circumstance during the period of epidemic diseases occur 1:500
Disinfection with animal 1:2000
The environment disinfection 1:10000
Tools disinfection 1:2000 Spurt out or infusion

1. Forbidden to usage compatibility With anionic surfactant, salts disinfectant,iodide agents and peroxides. Operator should be sure to rinse your hands with water after wash with soap before using the products.
Used for instrument disinfection must be added to the 0.5% sodium nitrite. The products can not be stored in polyethylene container made to avoid failure for react with the plasticizer

Packing: 1000ml/bottle
Storage: Stored at dark and dry place.